Vario - what's new?


The next stage of body development is now complete enabling the 2 seater soft top to be built. The additional mouldings on the doors were considered necessary to provide a smoother line into the boot area. This feature will also be part of the moulded side window frame for the same reason.

These photos show the new rear mouldings in position and indicate the easy access to a very generous boot space. They also convey the immaculate gelcoat finish in dark blue. The boot hinges will be internal. Remember that the full size spare wheel is housed under the boot floor.

This stage of development remains entirely consistent with the modular design, in other words, the rear panels can easily be removed and replaced with alternative panels, eg, a targa top.

The hood will incorporate a moulding taken directly from the rear bulkhead such that when the hood is folded down and stowed in the boot, the car will retain a very clean line without any of the clutter normally associated with hood fittings.

Engine size

A number of enquiries have raised the issue of fitting larger engines from the Fiat range. The straight answer is "maybe"! All the Uno, Punto and some Tipo will fit the chassis. Certainly, the chassis and suspension design will handle higher power levels. The only fly in the ointment is that the smooth low (almost mid-engine) look to the front may be compromised by the greater height of these other engines. When the bodywork is complete for the Fire version, we will take a look at the bodywork implications and then decide what to do.