Vario - technical specification.


Fully triangulated space frame, light and strong. Substantial side impact protection and full safety cage. Chassis is designed to accept all Fiat Uno parts without modification. Chassis can be skinned in either steel, aluminium or GRP. Weight 69kg (excluding skinning)


High quality GRP panelwork in red, white, blue, green, yellow or black gelcoat. One piece forward opening bonnet, one piece easyfit bodyshell. Length 12ft, width 5ft.


Uno windscreen and rubber gasket. Side windows incorporate moulded safety glazing.

Door locks

Anti burst locks sourced from Fiat Panda complete with external and internal handles.


Two seater, fully adjustable for 5ft to 6ft3ins. Room behind for +2 seating.

Engine options

Fiat F.I.R.E. single overhead camshaft, transverse installation, carburettor or fuel injection & electronic ignition. Available in the following displacements:- 750cc, 900cc, 999cc, 1108 & 1242.

Gearbox options

Fiat 4 speed or 5 speed, various ratios depending on donor source.


Front - independent struts with lower track control arms. Rear - torsion beam axle, coil spring and telescopic dampers.


Rack and pinion with safety column, 4 turns lock to lock.


Front - 9" solid discs. Rear - 7.5" drums. Servo (6") assisted.

Dash and instrumentation

Donor equipment used for ease of build and low cost.

Wheels and tyres

13" x 5.5" alloy or steel, 165/70 x 13 radials. (14" x 5.5" optional). Spare carried under rear chassis.


600 kg approx.