Vario - donor preparation.

It helps if you are slightly mad!

As the Vario has been designed to accept Uno parts without modification, it follows that the major assemblies can also be fitted without modification. For example, the complete rear suspension assembly could be removed from a roadworthy Uno (10 bolts) and simply rebolted onto the Vario chassis. However, we would recommend that the major assemblies be partially dismantled so that an overhaul of items such as the brakes can be undertaken. In practice, most builders will wish to completely dismantle the donor so that the various parts can be cleaned and painted.

Fire engine & gearbox

Virtually every mechanical component from the Uno is used. Engine, gearbox, radiator, cooling fan, front sub-frame, track control arms, steering rack & track-rod ends, front discs, calipers, pedal box, brake servo, steering column, heater unit, gear linkage, handbrake system, windscreen, dash assembly, instrument panel, wiring loom, fuse box, door mirrors, rear torsion beam axle, rear drum brakes, rear springs, rear dampers, fuel tank and lastly, spare wheel.

If your donor Uno is in roadworthy condition (perhaps excluding the bodywork!!), all you need is the Vario kit, about 100 hours of labour spread over three months and your new Vario will be ready for the open road. Take a look at the chassis assembly pictures to see how the Fiat parts are incorporated.