Vario - design overview

Alan Fereday launches a new concept - VARIO.

Based on the cheap and readily available Fiat Uno.

Available as :- pickup, sports, targa & hatch 2 seat plus 2 + 2 seat option

All versions based on the pickup, you just add additional modules as and when required.

The following design aims have been followed:

Full compliance with SVA based on extensive experience with Marcos, Ginetta & Onyx.

Cheap insurance and road tax using 1 litre engine.

All donor parts to be used without modification.

Safe design with high sills & full roll cage.

Fuel tank mounted ahead of rear axle.

Full size spare wheel mounted under rear chassis.

Simple electrics by use of donor wiring & instruments.

Chassis build stage to be testable and driveable.

Body unit one piece plus one piece bonnet.

Fulll width screen demist & powerful heater.

High quality self coloured glass reinforced plastic body shell suitable for dark colours including black.

Build time not to exceed 100 hours assuming use of a roadworthy Fiat Uno donor.

Build cost not to exceed 5000.