The latest Ginetta model is designed for track days and fast road.

Ginetta G20 Ginetta G20

Base kit - 1063 plus VAT.

Polyester coated chassis, chassis plate, integral roll over bar, upper and lower front wishbones, machined front uprights, differential mounting brackets, upper and lower rear wishbones, rear track adjustment arms, rear vertical links and brackets, alloy floor pan cut to size.

Rolling Chassis kit - 2634 plus VAT

This kit contains everything required in addition to the Base kit to complete a rolling chassis build.

Fittings kit - 1800 plus VAT

This kit contains the electrical system, seats and trim, catches and badges which completes the build except for the powertrain.

Bodykit - 731 plus VAT

The body is supplied in the following gel coat colours - Reflex Blue, Orange, British Racing Green, Radiant Red and Sunflash Yellow.

Powertrain - (please enquire)

The G20 is based on the Ford Sierra but uses the later Zetec engine combined with the Sierra 5 speed gearbox. We can provide full support for the Zetec engine including the supply of carburettor and injection performance kits from Raceline and Webcon. We can also supply individual items such as WEBER DCOE carburettors. A full description of the Zetec engine can be found under "Zetec Engines".

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