GINETTA - G27 hardtop

A hardtop for the G27 is now available.

The hardtop shown has been developed using a G27 Series III. However, the design should allow the hardtop to be fitted on all versions of the G27. It should also be suitable for the G4 Series IV.

The hardtop has been developed around the Ginetta G4 rear screen. The profile of the hardtop rises from the top of the windscreen which combines a pleasing line with generous headroom.

The hardtop will be available in the following ways :-
  • Hardtop moulding in grey gel for painting
  • Hardtop moulding in self coloured gel
  • Hardtop complete with sidescreens and rear screen

The price for the hardtop options is 230.00 to 605.00 including VAT.

Telephone 01276 21007 or E-mail